The leading electrical transmission contractor in the western US specializing in transmission lines, distribution lines, fiber optics, storm damage repairs and substations.

Brink Projects

Our project managers, linemen, operators, groundmen, and technicians have interfaced with utility companies, large and small, in communities across the western half of the United States. As a result, our experience stretches far and wide, and we have the track record to prove it. We invite you to view a sample of our past projects and consider how Brink Constructors, Inc. might assist you in meeting your transmission needs.



OG&E Woodward to Border 95 Miles 345kV

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Pulling wire into the structure

BEPC Watford City 30 Miles 345kV

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A-frames installed

Kummer Ridge 345kV Substation

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NPPD Storm Job, York_20140529_182513_065

NPPD Storm Restoration, 15 miles 345kV Line

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Lee_Wever Sub, 20141112_074345_cover

NEP Lee Wever Substation, 161kV to 69kV to 12.47kV

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Stringing conductor

NPPD Norfolk 40 Miles 345kV/115kV

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Stringing new fiber

MDU 230kV Maintenance and Fiber Replacement 2014

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Distribution structure to the underground power line

Emil Anderson Sub

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WAPA Kingman,DSC01324

WAPA 27 Miles 69kV Rebuild, AZ Mts

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Installing grounding rods

Patent Gate 115kV Switchyard

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Setting H-frame wood structure in place

WFEC Ponco City 138kV Line

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WestLoop Substation, 138kV to 12.47kV

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Tri-State Generation Burlington-Wray 72 miles 230kV Line

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